Nursery School

Give your child the compassionate early age care he or she needs at Christ United Methodist Church Child Care. We provide a Nursery School where your child receives age-appropriate education and both indoor and outdoor activities.

Day Care & School Plus

Satisfy a variety of your child care needs with our Day Care service for children up to kindergarten age. Because we know families have a variety of busy schedules to keep, we provide before- and after-school programs.

Who We Are

Welcome to Christ United Methodist Child Care Center! We are a weekday component of the Children's Ministry of Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park, PA. The Church helps us to provide a high quality environment for the children entrusted to our care. Our Child Care Center has been serving South Hills families since 1981. Special Church programs include Kingdom Kids monthly, Journey to Bethlehem and Basket of Meaning.

Our daily schedule reflects a consistent day where developmentally appropriate practices are our standard. The children will have the opportunity to explore their world through a variety of activities including sensory experiences, creative expression and social development. Knowing that children are active learners, we spend part of our day developing our large motor skills on our spacious playground and gym. Our teaching staff are dedicated to guiding each child's individual development with patience and understanding. We have installed a security system in order to keep the safety of our children our first priority.

Religious affiliation is not required to use the center and all denominations and faiths are welcomed. Child care is not a static field. It is constantly growing and responding to the needs of the children and the community. We excel in identifying what is needed while never forgetting that children require, first and foremost, a place to feel safe, secure, and loved.
The Center participates in the Giant Eagle's Apple for students. Our School ID is 1878

Contact our Child Care Center to enroll your child in a program that
promotes healthy cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Affiliated with Keystone Stars & DHS
Appointments Available | Service Area: South Hills Community and Surrounding Areas